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   Audition Summer/Fall 2020

Summer – Shakespeare in the Park – The Tempest
DUE TO THE CURRENT SHUTDOWN Audition Dates are TBD. Please Check back with us! We will be updating our Facebook events as soon as we can make a decision. Also feel free to email us with questions! 
The Tempest Characters


Alonso is the King of Naples. An enemy of Prospero’s, he accepted Antonio’s proposition to help the latter usurp Prospero’s throne in return for Antonio’s swearing Milan’s fealty to Naples. 


Sebastian is the brother of Alonso, the King of Naples.


Prospero is the deposed Duke of Milan. 

Miranda is Prospero’s daughter. Though she has some vague memories of her time at court when she was a toddler, in the main she has no recollection of a life other than being isolated on an island with no company but her father and Caliban. 

Ariel is an airy spirit bound in service to Prospero and impatient for his release. 

Iris is one of Prospero’s spirits, representing the goddess of the rainbow in the masque. 
Ceres is one of Prospero’s spirits (likely Ariel) representing the goddess of the harvest in the masque. She joins Juno to bless Ferdinand and Miranda’s union.

Juno is one of Prospero’s spirits, representing the Queen of Heaven and goddess of marriage in the masque. She joins with Ceres to bless Ferdinand and Miranda’s union.


Antonio is Prospero’s brother. He usurped the throne of Milan from his brother with Alonso’s help, willingly abandoning the sovereignty of the Dukedom to Naples. 


Ferdinand is Alonso’s son. Cast up on his own on the island after the wreck, he is convinced that his father has drowned, not least by Ariel’s songs. 


Gonzalo is an old man, an honest counselor of Alonso’s. 

Adrian is a lord in Alonso’s suite. He appreciates the climate of the island where they have landed, and questions Gonzalo’s scholarship. 

Francisco is a lord in Alonso’s suite. He attempts to comfort the King with the hope that Ferdinand may be alive, but is unsuccessful. He is intrigued by the vanishing of the spirits at the feast.


Caliban is the savage son of the witch Sycorax, and was born on the island. 

Trunculo is Alonso’s jester. He is a coward and is delighted to have Caliban subservient to him. He has a taste for finery as well as for liquor, and plans to help Stefano become king of the island.

Stephano is Alonso’s butler. He has something of a taste for liquor, and is well-served when he is cast up on the shore with a butt of wine that he held onto to avoid drowning. 

The Master of a Ship captains a ship bearing the King of Naples and his closest advisers home from a wedding in Tunis. 
Boatswain is in charge of running the ship in the storm. 
Mariners try to keep the ship afloat during the storm, but soon realize that all is lost and that their only hope is in prayer. They spend some time under strange hatches, haunted by odd sounds, but then awake to discover that their ship has not been wrecked after all.


Director Interviews will be held in September 2020!

This is an interview for directors for our upcoming season. This includes:
– One Act Director Shows
– New Years Eve Show
– Spring Show
– Shakespeare in the Park
– Fall Show
Choose a show that you love! You can bring multiple pitches! Please grab the form online and fill it out for us. Also we need a digital copy of your script to read before interviews so we have time to bring up any questions. Finally, we have time slots starting at 6 PM for 15 minutes and going to 9PM. 

Interview Dates or Coming Soon!

Court Street Theatre, 14 Court Street, Nashua, NH in our new space!


Director Submission Form

Please call or email with any further questions!
Thank you,
Amy Mackay

Fall One Acts 2020

Is a program where we foster new directors, and/or directors looking for more experience, by pairing them with mentor directors. The mentors will advise on production design, rehearsals, and technical aspects of the piece at varying levels, depending on the needs of the director being mentored.

The Fall One Acts are Sept 11-13, with the expectation that you also reserve the week prior for tech week and we will clean up on Sept 13th after the matinee. 

Please let us know if you are interested in taking a fledgling director under your wing! 

For those interested in being mentored:

Please submit shows approximately 15-20  minutes in length. Please consider productions that will have low budgetary costs.