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Audition # 1
Three Musketeers
We invite you to come auditions with us on one of 3 days:
Friday, Jan 12th @ 7-9pm
Saturday, Jan 13th @ 1-4pm
Sunday, Jan 14th @ 1-4pm
🌟 Callbacks 🌟
Sunday, Jan 14th @ 5-8pm
We request for you to contact the director amymackay2@gmail.com with your choice of day and approximate time you plan to come in. We will not issue time slots and you are still welcome to come in without notice, however it would be helpful to the production team in planning.

If you cannot make the auditions or callbacks because of conflicts please contact the director in advance to arrange an appointment that works for you.
Any additional questions feel free to call or email Amy Mackay (904) 504-0965 or amymackay2@gmail.com

We will be doing cold readings of the play by Ken Ludwig. The play involves fight choreography, directed by Bob Haas. You are not required to have experience but it will be a plus! We can work with all ranges of experience and physical limitations.

BELOW ARE GUIDELINES TO HELP YOU FOR AUDITIONS. Please feel free to try out for the parts that you are MOST interested in, if something different works then it works.
D’Artagnan: Male, stage age 17-22
The pup. A chivalrous, naïve, young, idealist longing to be a Musketeer, like his father. He is willing to plunge head first into honorable causes and learns quickly the true meaning of honor. Strong swordsman, but inexperienced as in life.
Sabine:Female, stage age 17-20
Spritely. D’Artagnan’s tomboy sister whose ambition is to fall in love with a Musketeer and take on a world full of adventure (or be a Musketeer). She is a blooming flower ready to take on the world, yet is slightly cocky. Like her father and brother, she is also excellent with a sword.
Cardinal Richelieu: Male, stage age 40-55
Power-hungry. His desire is to rule all of France. Despises the King, wishes to be with the Queen and longs to rid the world of Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Highly-evolved, evil, political and always a plotting antagonist. Nothing will stop him to get what he wants.
Athos: Male, stage age 35- 55
The Truth. The most life experienced and street-wise of the Musketeers. Noble and handsome, but also the most introverted. The father-figure, but harbors secrets from his past. Likely, the best swordsman in all of France!
Porthos: Male or Female in disguise (open to bending), stage age 25-45
The rock star. The most extroverted of the Musketeers and the “clown” of the three. The party-boy who enjoys wine, fashion, food, fashion and women. Loyal to his friends and will resort to winning a fight by any means necessary!
Aramis: Male or Female in disguise (open to bending), stage age 25-45
The Saint (don’t be fooled). The youngest Musketeer and an ambitious, romantic with a temper. Loves women and he intrigues them, as well. Once a Jesuit cleric and always trying to atone for the sins of his past, but cannot resist temptations and cannot suppress his passion to be a soldier. His swordsman skills are beautiful, precise (surgeon-like) and elegant.
Rochefort: Male, stage age 30+
The Bully. Richelieu’s confidant and head of the guard. A former solider turned and jealous of the Three Musketeers. Scarred from prior battles, he could have been a Musketeer, but chose the dark side. Strong swordsman, no fear, but always seems to finish second.
Milady: Female, stage age 25-45
Black widow. Fashionable, attractive, sharp witted & a cunning beauty who has never met anyone she could not seduce. Nothing will stop her in her pursuit for power, money and pleasure. Men are a means to an end. Skilled in the art of seduction, she is also the most dangerous woman in France and schemes her way through the show.
Constance Bonacieux : Female, stage age 18-25
The beautiful love interest of D’Artagnan and the Queen’s confidant. She becomes a target of Milady and D’Artagnan is her hero. She will do anything to protect her Queen, but D’Artagnan is her only distraction.  She is pure in heart and soul.
Queen Anne: Female, stage age 25-45
The elegant, enviable Anne is Queen by political marriage and, therefore, seeks affections with the Duke of Buckingham, nearly causing the downfall of the King. While she does not really love the King, she protects the King and France at all costs.
King Louis XIII: Male, stage age 35-50
Louis is the affable, easily influenced King who is naïve to the Cardinal’s plan and his wife’s affair. He does not like turmoil and listens to Richelieu, but holds his ground as required.
Duke of Buckingham: Male, stage age 25-45
The Queens lover.
Treville: Male, stage age 45-75
Captain of the Musketeers and King’s Guards & d’Artagnans father’s good friend. A superb swordsman and soldier respected by all.
D’Artagnan’s father Male, stage age 45-65
Ledgendary, inspirational, taught his son everything he knows with a sword. Opening fight of the show.
D’Artagnan’s mother: Female stage age 35-55
A weepy comedic role. Very worried about her children and overprotective.
Adele: Female stage age 20-45
Elise: Female stage age 20-45
Musketeer’s flirty girlfriend.
Mother Superior: Female stage age 35-65
Stern woman. Actress has to be able to fall to the ground.
Sister at school: Female stage age 17-25
Abbess: Female stage age 35-65
Inkeeper: Female stage age 35-65
Stanley: Male, stage age 30-65
The Cardinal’s help.
Basille: Male, stage age 30-65
Fouquet: Male, stage age 30-65
Fache: Male, stage age 30-65
Ravanche: Male, stage age 30-65
DeBris: Male, stage age 30-65
Ruffian: Male, stage age 30-65

 …and Cardinal’s Guards… LOTS of them. Know that swordsmen and women cast as guards will end up with more stage time than many of the main characters.

Seeking auditioners with special talents like juggling, gymnastics, dance, fencing, traditional musical instruments.

Audition # 2

Stay tuned for details on Shakespeare in the Park auditions in March/April 2018.

Performance will be the end of July.

Audition #3

Stay tuned for details on “Warmth of the Cold” auditions in June/July 2018.

Performance will be September/October.

Audition #4

Stay tuned for details on NHTA One Act for Competition auditions in June/July 2018.

Performance will be in September.

Audition # 5

Stay tuned for details on Winter Night of One Acts auditions in September/October.

Performance will be November-January.