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Spring 2019

“Betrayal, obsession, and redemption provide the backdrop for this compelling adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel. While unjustly imprisoned, Edmond Dantes befriends a neighboring inmate who bequeaths him an enormous treasure. Dantes eventually escapes and returns to society disguised as the Count of Monte Cristo with plans to enact his revenge on those who betrayed him. But as Dantes becomes increasingly consumed with his quest for vengeance, he finds himself losing his humanity and any hope of reconciling with the love of his life.”

January 31st & February 2nd

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Adult Daycare Center, Nashua, NH

Six very strong women’s roles!
*Mercedes – Dante’s lost love, who suffered greatly from being alone
*Eugenie – the daughter of a baron who is promised to Albert
*Hermione – a strong baroness with a terrible secret
*Heloise – stepmother to Valentine and wife of the king’s prosecutor
*Valentine – the daughter of the king’s prosecutor in love with Max
*Haydee – an eastern princess, the count’s confidant and companion

*Edmond Dantes (Count of Monte Cristo) – A man with a revenge more then 20 years in the making
*Benedetto – a street thief who is in search of his past
*Faria – mentor, fellow prisoner and father figure
*Fernand Mondego – Mercedes cousin who will do anything to have her
*Danglers – Greedy and corrupt purser turned Baron
*De Villefort – The king’s prosecutor, a crooked judge with a secret
*Albert Mondego – Fernand’s son
*Maximilian Morrell – In love with Valentine, son of Morrell
*Morrell – owner of Dante’s Shipping company
*Caderousse – Fellow sailor and friend of Danglers
*Debray – Dangler’s advisor
*Magistrate – witness to the truth
Soldiers, Servants, Bandits, Party Guests, Guards

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“Attention: Count Auditions”
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We are looking to cast a total of 20 cast members and we are willing to explore gender alternative casting. Main characters will have Sword, dagger and hand to hand combat training.

Summer 2019 Shakespeare in the Park

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Fall 2019

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2020 and Beyond


We would like to hear your pitch! What show do you have a passion for? What have you always wanted to see on stage? We also have a selection of shows that we would love to do but need a director to take on. 

Please email nashuatheatreguild@gmail.com if you are interested.

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You will need to be able to email us a copy of the script for the board to review prior to the interview.