14 Court Street, Nashua, NH 03060
(978) 300-2444

Upcoming Shows

January 25th and 26th @ 8pm
January 27th @ 2pm

Janice B. Streeter Theatre

14 Court Street, Nashua, NH 

The Treehouse

Directed by Samantha Fraser, with Mentor Amy Mackay

Three adult friends take an introspective journey into their childhoods.

The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye

Directed by Steve Kalter, with Mentor Deb Shaw

A mock radio program spoofing noir detective stories.

A Case of Belonging

Directed by Beth Schwartz, with Mentor Deb Shaw

An angel and a devil fight over a dead body.

Most Dangerous Game

Directed by Brendan Mackay, with Mentor Vicky Sandin

Five people are asked, “What would YOU do for the best job ever?”


Directed by  Kae Mclaughlin, with mentor Angelica Rosenthal

A “typical” school lockdown, or is it?

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