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Upcoming Shows

Local playwright, Lowell Williams, brings to the stage a story of turmoil, turbulence, and familial chaos. Daughter Samantha feels trapped by family and household, and now has an opportunity to head to college. Her brother, Robbie, wants her to stay, and their mother can’t move on after the death of her husband, who still stalks the halls of their house. Can Samantha free herself from the bonds that have kept her immobile all these years? Or will her family keep her stuck in the house forever? She only has “the warmth of the cold.”

September 28th @ 8pm

September 29th @ 2pm & 8pm

September 30th @ 2pm

Janice B. Streeter Theatre

14 Court Street, Nashua, NH 



THEME: “Light to Dark”

January 25th and 26th @ 8pm
January 27th @ 2pm

Janice B. Streeter Theatre

14 Court Street, Nashua, NH 

Treehouse – Directed by Samantha F., with Mentor Amy Mackay

Nick Danger – Directed by Steve Kalter, with Mentors

A Case of Belonging – Directed by Beth Schwartz, with Mentor Deb Shaw

Most Dangerous Game – Directed by Brendan Mackay, with Mentor Vicky Sandin

Lockdown – Directed by  Kae Mclaughlin, with mentor Angelica Rosenthal


Tickets will be on sale November 1st!